Community Cat Network

Our Mission

Community Cat Network (CCN) is a 501(c)3, all volunteer, grass roots organisation to assist Butler County, PA residents in humanely controlling the population of stray and feral kittens and cats, commonly knows as community cats.  Assistance is given through lending of equipment, on-site collaboration, fostering when available, referrals to resources, education and sponsorship at low cost spay and neuter clinics.  

We care for Community Cats.

What is a Community cat?

A community cat is an unowned cat who lives outside (sometimes called feral) and is generally not socialized - or friendly - to people. They live full healthy lives with their feline families (colonies) in their outdoor homes.


There are many ways to support CCN.  You can donate via PayPal or contact us for arrange to donate directly or find out about some of the many volunteer oppurtunities that exist.


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CCN works with the the people of Butler County, PA to promote the spay and neuter of community through Trap, Neutter & Release (TNR)  


CCN also fosters friendly adult and kittens that that are encountered during our TNR efforts.


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CCN organizes & monitors low cost clinics  at floating locations to provide ample access to veterinary services for kittens and cats.

Local Vet Clinics

We also welcome donations of items through our Amazon Wish List which may be found at the following LINK or by designatiing us your Amazon Smiles charity.

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